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Today I will talk about how to utilize Redux to handle state in your React app. If you have any experience with React, then you’ll know how quickly handling state in your apps can get messy. …

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TL;DR: A brief discussion about unit, integration, and end-to-end tests for computer applications

In this post I will talk about the different types of tests commonly used in the software engineering world. Testing your applications is a skill that has become highly sought after in the development realm. Many companies…

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TL;DR: I attempt to discuss the basics of quantum computing like superposition, entanglement, and interference AND where you can learn more about it.

Quantum computing is relatively young science that is currently being heavily researched by some of the biggest tech companies. The potential uses for quantum computing could help…

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TL;DR I recently had to restructure the biggest project I’ve ever worked on into blueprints. Blueprints help new developers break projects into smaller chunks and practice structuring there files more intuitively.

I was extremely relieved after I finished my first major capstone project in my bootcamp. After spending so much…

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I just wrapped up my first full stack web development project. It took WAY longer than expected, but the relief from actually finishing makes up for it. This was the first project I worked on of this size and I learned a ton. …

Adam King

Software engineer sharing stories of my experiences in a coding bootcamp and beyond.

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